Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tavi Gevinson Sings + Wren 2012 Film

Well, what do you know, Tavi Gevinson, author of super rad blog The Style Rookie has some musical talent up her sleeve. I'm convinced this girl is like...well...Super Girl. She can do everything. She's a blogger, has her own website, has been featured on Fashion Television, written for various fashion magazines, given talks and presentations to huge crowds, met everyone cool in the fashion world...and now she sings and plays guitar in a video for Wren's Fall 2012 collection. She's actually not too bad of a little singer. She's not the next American Idol but she's got an honest and raw sort of appeal. I like it. She can come off a bit pretentious with some of her over the top outfits and opinions, but her singing seems to be the opposite. Her body language and expresions are eerie as fcuk but I totally dig the sixties vibe and retro look of Wren's collection. Here's Tavi singing "Beware of Young Girls." What do you think? Hit or miss?

Tavi Gevinson for Wren 2012


Thanks for the love! xx