Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rihanna Behind the Scenes + Where Have you Been

Rihanna just gets me everytime. I feel like she continually tops whatever she last did, and never disappoints. I wouldn't say I'm the kind of person that's obsessed with celebrities. In fact, I kind of hate a lot of them, but I never say no to watching a Rihanna video or sizing up her latest hair styles, tattoos and super hot clothes. Her latest single is called "Where Have you Been," and I just discovered the behind the scenes videos where they've compiled a making of...I don't even know WHAT to say. This music video looks like it's going to be ridiculously hot and probably the best thing she's done so far. I'm dying for it to be released! Her hair, her dancing, her barely there outfits, her incredible sex appeal and mystery are just too much. I've placed her on a pedestal. I hate that, but love it at the same time. She's a total mess at times, but I admire her talent, her beauty and her obvious brains. I also like that she's funny, raunchy and unapologetic (kinda like Madonna). You know, my Mama always said, be proud of who you are. But shit...I look at Rihanna and just want to BE her. I guess that's why she's got such a big bank account.

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