Monday, April 23, 2012

Put a Dress on the Girl

I like to daydream about wearing dresses. The problem is that I come from the cold country where warm weather isn't really an option until July. It's a sad state of affairs when I have to stare at dresses online and wish for sunnier days...Either way, these dresses are way cool and I'm imagining myself running around in the warm weather looking cute as can be. I really have a thing for pleats and flares. I hope you like my favourite finds today. Peace and love. Now send me some sun.

Flared Embroidery Dress from Mango.

A-Line Lace Dress from Mango.

Pleated Dress from Mango.

Lace Edge Dress from Mango.

Flared Skirt Dress from Mango.

Flared Dress from Mango.

Check out some more colorful dresses with lace, pleats and flared skirts at Mango!

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