Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photographer of the Week + 17 Year-Old Ann He

Yep, that's right. Ann He is an American photographer hailing from Texas and she is just 17 years old. Imagine. If I had an inch of the talent she has I'd be on cloud nine. I had never heard of this little photographer until I saw her on America's Next Top Model the other night. She had the task of shooting the models in those dreadful Hello Kitty outfits. The models and the clothes were painful, but Ann He still took some fantastic shots. So of course her age and talent totally intrigued me and I went on a little hunt on Google. I have to say, her work is lovely and whimsical. There's a dreaminess to her photographs that I find really fresh and appealing. Her accomplishments include publications in Vogue Girl Korea and Elle Girl Korea, so I think that makes her super, super cool. Here are a few of my favourite images by Ann He...

All images copyright Ann He. Check out more of her photography here.

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