Thursday, April 12, 2012

Linda Farrow + Luxe Eyewear

I don't think I wore a pair of sunglasses until I was about 17. They were bright blue, plastic rimmed, terrible quality, vintagy, and about 6 dollars. I was completely devastated when I accidently cracked them in half and couldn't wear them anymore. I'd like to say my taste got a little more expensive, but as it is, I've graduated to wearing Lolita sunglasses. Not exactly breaking the bank, but cool as shiz, full of attitude and just way fun. Now, having said that, I've recently discovered Linda Farrow's Luxe Eyewear Collection, soooo Lolita glasses? Move over! Man, I am desperate to get my hands on a pair of these super trendy, incredibly well made, luxurious sunglasses. Which pair? I have no idea. There are too many options. The 2012 Spring/Summer selection has 31 pairs to choose from...Can I afford them? Definitely not, but I sure do enjoy looking! Here are my faves from the Linda Farrow Spring Summer 2012 Luxe Eyewear Collection...

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