Friday, April 20, 2012

Keira Knightley + Interview Magazine

Ohhh, Keira Knightley. I find her face so fascinating. She's so delicate, yet has such strong, sharp features at the same time. I think she is insanely beautiful, and I love her attitude. Here are some of my favorite photos from her shoot with Mert & Marcus for the April 2012 issue of Interview Magazine. She's totally a Femme Fatale. I hate smoking, but damn, she's hot with a cig. Why does she seem so appealing surrounded by a cloud of smoke? Funny the things we idolize...

 Keira Knightley
Photographers: Mert & Marcus
Fashion editor: Karl Templer
Makeup: Lucia Pieroni
Hair: Paul Hanlon


  1. Love Keira Knightley in these pics!

  2. She is stunning!!


Thanks for the love! xx