Friday, April 13, 2012

Bar Rafaeli + Under.Me

Well I guess I need to rethink my tennis attire. I mean, if Bar Rafaeli can whack a few balls around in her underwear, then so can I! No, really though. Bar is a total babe, I love her as a model, but I think she kinda fell off the wagon with this advertisment for her new lingerie line Under.Me. I loved looking at her fantastic body, sure, but the bit about playing tennis in your undies and bra ("sports" bra or otherwise), sorta stumped me. I got a bit distracted watching her run around the court and kind of forgot to look at what she was wearing! Video aside, I checked out the site and her lingerie line looks ridiculously comfortable! There's more than just bras and panties and there is even a section for men. Yay Bar! Next time maybe just stay off the tennis court ;)

P.S. The song lyrics are painful, too. Epic fail.

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