Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coco Rocha + Harpers Bazaar

Ohhh, Coco Rocha. She's one of my favourite models, but I've gotta say, her cover for Harpers Bazaar Singapore April 2012 leaves me super disappointed. Had I not looked at the name, I wouldn't have even known it was her! Photoshop is a wild thing. It can do wonders, but it can also take away that special something about a model. In this case, Coco doesn't look like Coco. All of her facial features seem somehow...different. Ah, well. Fortunately for us, the editorial spread inside (shot by photographer Simon Upton), is the redemption this cover needs. Coco is very obviously Coco, with all her quirky expressions, wild poses and over-the -top, largerthan life personality. The images are awesome. Everything is loud, vibrant, bold, and Coco ;) There's really no one else like her.

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