Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kate Upton Dominates Vogue Italia

I've never found Kate Upton to be particularly fabulous, but she has definitely got my attention in this sexy and sultry Steven Meisel video for Vogue Italia. Shoes, legs, sex appeal, fetish, New York City, Femme Fatal. What more can you ask for?

Ellen von Unwerth x Sang Bleu

Ellen von Unwerth is genius and one of my absolute favorite photographers. I love her mind...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Karlie Kloss + Numero

Nettie Harris

Nettie Harris...She fascinates me. She has no filter. She can be anyone...anything. Elegant, dreamy, beautiful, raw, perverted, innocent, erotic, eccentric...intriguing.

See more Nettie Harris on her Tumblr page

Is Mila Kunis REALLY the Sexiest Woman Alive?

...sorry folks, but without a doubt, no. No way. Is she kinda lovely? Definitely. Do I understand how Esquire Magazine came to the conclusion that she is the sexiest woman alive? I'm still scratching my head. I find her rather dull. No fire. Remember when Rihanna was crowned sexiest woman alive last year? Yeahhh! That made a whole lot more sense.

Check out the (sadly) very amateur photos from the Esquire shoot with Mila Kunis

Friday, August 31, 2012

Lady Gaga + Photoshopped Vogue

Enter the latest drama in the land of photoshop! Lady Gaga! To be honest, I get a sick sort of satisfaction from staring at "perfection" and the unattainable. With all the crap that Vogue is getting, imagine the crap they would get if they DIDN'T photoshop Lady Gaga? We'd all be disappointed and scratching our heads to see a "normal" looking Gaga. The elements of fantasy and perfection are what draw us in. Maybe we all just complain too much.

Lady Gaga for Vogue

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coco Rocha + Vogue Korea

Coco Rocha for Vogue Korea. The best part? She had the final say on which shot to use for the cover. Love this up and down!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's all in the Eyes...

Here are some super cool ideas for doing your eye makeup. Love the sixties looks! I just wish I had a steady hand.

Kate Moss + Another Man S/S 2012

I think Kate Moss gets better with age. I love how Nick Knight captured her in these photos. They seems so unpretentious and she hasn't been photoshopped near as much as I've seen in some of her latest work. Those cheek bones really get me everytime. =)

Elegance + La Perla

Oh, to look like a goddess in La Perla...if only! I'm so in love with the beauty, elegance and classic designs of La Perla's Fall/Winter 2012 campaign. Makes me want to buy some new panties! I'd have to do a fashion show for the cat, however, as catching a boy these days seems to be getting harder and harder. Perhaps if I was a supermodel decked out in gorgeous La Perla I would have better luck! ;) Sigh.

Anywayyy, here are my favourites for Fall/Winter 2012.